Monday, January 23, 2012

Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Marketing

Many people have not heard of Pay-Per-Call before. This is because Pay-Per-Call is a relatively new form of affiliate marketing. Pay-Per-Call uses ads with a phone number to get customers on the phone with advertisers. Affiliates get paid for every call they drive to the advertiser. Their calls are tracked so they will get paid for the length of the phone call.

 Pay-Per-Call has many advantages over other forms of affiliate marketing.
- Higher conversion rates
- You don't need to have a website
- Not much competition
- Do not have to sell anything
- You do not even need a phone

Right now Pay-Per-Call is where affiliate marketing was 8 years ago and it will only continue to grow. One big advantage is higher conversion rates. While Pay-Per-Click conversion rates are only about 2-3 percent, Pay-Per-Click conversion rate are anywhere from 25-50 percent. There is a good opportunity to make money through this new form of advertising.


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