Friday, July 20, 2012

How edu Backlinks Can Help Your SEO Efforts

If you are trying to increase the popularity of your website or blog then you know backlinks are an important part of SEO. Many people do not know that edu backlinks can help your SEO efforts more than regular backlinks. An edu backlink is a link from an educational institution. Search engines like Google consider .edu domains as sites with high quality content. Since Google values high quality content, if an edu website gives your site a backlink then your site must have equally valuable information. Most edu websites have a high page rank because they are colleges and universities. Because of this edu websites are considered authority sites and their backlinks are worth considerably more than regular sites. One edu backlinks is worth about 100 regular backlinks. 
Finding edu websites that you can use as backlinks is not easy. You need to find a college website or forum that allows you to post comments. For a forum you will have to register to leave backlink. This is an example of a backlink: Affiliate Marketing . The link says what your website is about and when you click on it you go to your website url. You want to have as many sites as you can pointing back to yours because this increases your SERP rankings. You do not want low quality or spamming backlinks going to your site. It is important to make sure the backlinks to your website are good quality. It is a good idea to diversify the backlinks to your website. This means you do not want only the same kind of backlinks pointing to your site.