Monday, April 2, 2012

Adding Friends on Facebook Without Getting Banned

Anyone that uses Facebook know they have a strict policy on adding new friends. Try to add too many friends at once and you will get a warning message that tells you to slow down or you will be banned. Apparently Facebook doesn't like you adding too many friends too quickly. It also does not like you adding people you don't know. This can be very annoying for people just trying to add all of their friends. You would think that one of the points of having a social networking site is to meet new people. Facebook prefers you adding your friends from your email contacts.

What do you do if you do not have most of your friends in your email contacts? What you can do is add one of your friends that is friends with a lot of people you know and then just add the friends from their friends list. This way you will be adding people that Facebook recognizes as people you know and you can avoid getting banned. One thing that I have noticed when adding new friends is that sometimes you will see a message come up that says, do you know this person. When you get that message do not add that person or you could get banned. Another thing you should avoid is adding a lot of friends at once. You should add you friends gradually and not all at once to be on the safe side.