Saturday, September 8, 2012

Affiliate Networks With As Seen On TV Offers

I am working on some As Seen On TV affiliate offers right now so I thought I would list a few of the networks I am on that have these offers. The good thing about these offers is that they are on commercials on TV so the products are well known. If you are looking to promote ASOTV offers you know it can be hard to find good affiliate networks that have a lot of these offers. I am going to give a review of each affiliate network I am on so that you can get an idea of the offers they have before applying to them. I have had good success with both of these networks so I would recommend both of anyone interested.

    PeerFly Affiliate Network

I will start my review with the Peerfly affiliate network. Peerfly is one of the largest affiliate networks. It also has a very good reputation. I did some research before I applied to this network and found that they have very good user reviews. Peerfly has about 85 ASOTV offers. They have a very good selection of offers with new offers every month or two. One thing I like about this network is that they show the network earning per click and the average conversion rate. If you would like to sign up for the Peerfly network you do so here: Peerfly Sign up

    Optimal Fusion Affiliate Network

The Optimal Fusion network contains mostly ASOTV offers. They have about 180 ASOTV offers which is the most that I have seen so far. They have a very good selection and variety of these offers. They also have pretty good reporting so you can view your offers stats. They do not show the network earning per click and the average conversion rate like Peerfly does however. The Optimal Fusion network also has a good account manager to help you and answer your questions.